An endless supply of monsters ... just what you've always wanted!

The Creature Crafter is a supplement designed to help Game Masters build monsters for any role-playing game. Creatures can be created before you begin, or on the spot during play. Come up with a simple, baseline template to use as a foundation for your monsters, then follow the tables in The Creature Crafter to fashion something new and horrific!

The Creature Crafter works with any rpg by using everyday language to modify your baseline statistics. By combining and interpreting results generated by The Creature Crafter, you can come up with an endless supply of monsters that take only moments to build!

Features include:
• Usable with any rpg.
• Tables for monster descriptions, classifications, size, abilities and more.
• Create creatures in minutes, or even during play, by determining statistics when you need them.

• Pages: 30
• Full color cover and back, black and white interior
• PDF bookmarked

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