We want writers and artists!

Isn't it nice to know you're wanted? And, we'll pay you too ... well, sort of.

Okay, here's the deal. We want freelance writers who have original ideas for products to pitch us their concepts and write for us. You do the writing, we'll do the editing, the layout, the art, and produce it for pdf and print sale, and then toss it out there into the big, bad world. You will be compensated with 25% of profits over the expenses for the life of the product.

Artists, here's how it is: we always need freelance artists to produce original material for us. The financial deal is the same as with writers: 25% of the product's profits for the life of the product. What we need from you is about one piece of art for every 4 pages of the project, plus a cover image.

What's with this 25% thing? I hear you, and here's the answer: because we're poor and can't pay much out of pocket. Rather than pay you a little now, we would rather pay you a little over a long period of time. The thing is, that little stretched out over time will likely be a lot more little than the little you would have received had we just paid you a little up front. Make sense?

So, for instance, if you write a book that retails for $8 pdf on rpgnow, and they take a 35% chunk (the total expenses), we are left with a $5.20 profit. You, the writer, would receive $1.30 per book. How much will this mean over the long run? It's tough to say, but I would guess anywhere from 50 to 200 books would sell in the first year.

If you're interested ...
contact us and send an email saying you want to write or draw. Please mention any work you have done, and feel free to send us samples (email them directly to mythic@wordpr.com). And we'll get back to you.